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On Thursday, January 5, 1905, a report in the SouthWales Echo read: "Woman's body found near the Monument - On Tuesday night a woman's hat, jacket and skirt were found on the bank of the Glamorgan Canal near the tunnel, Cardiff.
THE last time Paul Merton went abroad for our benefit, he joined a transsexual protection racket, took part in a street party wearing nothing but ash and an old woman's hat - and repeatedly kicked a man between the legs.
According to the Daily Express, the pictures showed William wearing a woman's hat, and Kate doing yoga in a bikini, while on a Caribbean holiday.
The women looked a lot better than the men, even the man wearing a woman's hat.
But as they got to the corner of Little Church Street the man knocked the woman's hat off and tugged her bag over her head, before running off down the back of McDonald's.
One of them showed me a picture of him wearing a big woman's hat, he did look quite glamorous actually.
The book tells the story behind each woman's hat, and the narrative is being considered for a stage play.
The Westinghouse capsule was a sleek seven-and-a-half-foot torpedo that held, among other things, a slide rule, a Lilly Dach[acute{e}] woman's hat, a Bible, and various messages to the "Futurians.
Suddenly Lilith noticed the woman's hat, the only remaining flowers in the once-beautiful garden.