woman's doctor

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a specialist in gynecology

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The woman's doctor adjusted her Depakote dose (usual response with this med), but still nothing changed.
The woman's doctor, Peter Buchanan, outlined the bizarre case ahead of a conference in Sydney where it will be discussed this weekend.
But neither woman's doctor suggested she have a bone density scan to test for osteoporosis.
A woman's doctor has the most information about the individual in regard to the pros and cons of using hormones,'' he says.
The woman's doctor submitted an affidavit stating that her condition is life-threatening and irreversible.
Hart Research Associates found that, by 65 percent to 23 percent, Americans say there should be an exception to any proposed ban in cases where "the woman's doctor determines that the procedure is necessary to prevent serious harm to the woman's health"--the same reason President Clinton gave for twice vetoing congressional attempts to ban late-term abortions.
At a visit made for another reason, the woman's doctor noticed she had pressure sores on her lower back and buttocks.
However, even when a woman's doctor has recommended this procedure, HMOs and health insurers may deny coverage.