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the largest breed of dogs

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Cathy Farr, pictured with her Irish Wolfhound Finn, has organised the Penarth Book Festival at the Windsor Book Shop, Windsor Road and venues around the town PICTURE: Peter Bolter (c)
The pounds 90 million Wolfhound contract will see the joint venture between NP Aerospace and Force Protection, called Integrated Survivability Technologies, deliver more than 90 heavy tactical support vehicles for the Ministry of Defence.
Viewers complained that the advert, which showed a small man riding home from work on the back of a large Irish Wolfhound and which carried the words 'Don't try this with your dog at home', would encourage people, and especially children, to copy the action with the risk of injuring an animal.
Dante is a beautiful Irish wolfhound who bears excruciatingly painful cancer treatment with dignity and calmness that impress a world-renowned veterinarian and his staff.
NASDAQ: FRPT) and NP Aerospace Limited, a subsidiary of The Morgan Crucible Company plc today jointly announced an award for 97 Wolfhound heavy tactical support vehicles including spares and support by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD).
Irish Wolfhound - Often recognized as the world's largest dog breed, the Irish Wolfhound is a strong and sturdy giant whose temperament is gentle and noble.
He's half Irish wolfhound, but mostly trouble," said Brian Valente, 39, who works in software.
CATO is a one-year-old Irish wolfhound who lives with owners Donna Beveridge and her fiance Paul Cowell in Kirkcaldy.
The results were compared with DNA from 140 dogs representing 67 breeds around the world--from the African basenji to the Irish wolfhound.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Moody, pointed to Force Protection's selection by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence as the preferred bidder for the Wolfhound Tactical Support Vehicle (Heavy) program as an example of the way his company is strengthening its capability to respond to urgent operational requirements, "We completed design work and built two prototypes for Wolfhound, which is based on our highly successful Cougar vehicle, in just 90 days.
The Wolfhound man-portable signals intelligence system is being offered by the Army program executive officer-intelligence, electronic warfare and sensors (PEO-IEW&S) office to the Afghan National Army (ANA).
This weekend she is off to London because her pastel picture of an Irish wolfhound, which she called Gentle Giant, has pride of place at an art exhibition called It's All About Art.
WOLFHOUND is a ferocious fantasy epic featuring sword fights, medieval kingdoms and vengeance, available on DVD courtesy of Momentum Pictures.
DUAL Group 1 winner and Group 1-producing sire Wolfhound, a resident at Gary Player Stud in South Africa, has died from a heart attack.
It tells the tale of the fearless wolfhound Gelert and his master, the 13th Century Welsh prince, Llywelyn the Great.