wolf cub

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a young wolf


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I got a little white wolf cub for my birthday, had him till he was 15.
DOING THEIR DUTY: Liverpool boys in the 1950's, | |proud members of their local Wolf Cub Pack
PACK PHOTO: The 43rd Wolf Cub Pack at Earlsdon Methodist Church in 1943-44.
However, when Sergei finds a wolf cub in need of help, his natural instinct to help the animal overrides his sense of duty and loyalty to the herd.
Jack's voice becomes stronger through encounters with a lost wolf cub, a fierce grizzly bear and a lone owl.
With help from an imaginary friend and encounters with a wolf cub and grizzly bear, Jack gains confidence and finds his own voice.
They are all members of the Midlands' first Wolf Cub pack, formed at St George's Church, Handsworth.
57, from Cardiff - Deputy Chief Commissioner for Wales I first joined a Wolf Cub Pack, in 1957, at Croft Street in Roath, Cardiff.
Dear Editor, In the early 50s, I was a sixer in a Coventry Wolf Cub Pack.
When he stops after what seems hours of running, he comes upon a wolf cub whose den-mates have all been drowned.
He joined Scouts in the second grade as a Wolf Cub, advanced through Bear and Webelos and earned his Arrow of Light and, as a Boy Scout earned 25 merit badges.
Narrated by lilting versed descriptions of daily wolf cub activities, "Wolf Babies
I was enrolled as a Wolf Cub, as they were known in 1937 and progressed like my father did to be commissioner to security in Cleveland until my retirement.
TmcHUD180411-KE06782) GREASEPAINT: Compre of the show was nine-year-old wolf cub Stuart Kaye, pictured here being made up for the Gang Show by Mrs E Wilkinson.