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The report by Public Health England (PHE) confirms food safety experts have found signs that the salmonella illnesses at Woks Cooking, as well as a series of other cases across Europe, were linked to eggs from a German supplier.
There are also nonstick woks available to help reduce the amount of fat needed.
But if you don't want to slave over a hot wok, try Waitrose's Oriental range, which includes appetisers, soups, main meals, rice and meals for one or two.
You choose your dish in raw form and watch the chefs cook it in huge woks.
There's no more enthusiastic supporter than Elsa PetersenSchepelern, whose new book, Wok, is packed with delicious dishes from soups to stews.
The most useful piece of equipment is the wok, which is easier to use than a frying pan because its depth makes it easier to toss foods quickly without spilling them.
In fact, after taking a nose-dive earlier this decade, sales of electric rice cookers and woks have risen modestly over the past two years, according to Debra Kumm, vice president of marketing for West Bend.
Place wok over a moderate heat and add two tablespoons of oil and one clove of peeled garlic.
So we've checked seven popular woks on sale in the high street.
The food is made-to-order and served hot from the wok to the table.
Now firefighters are visiting Chinese restaurants, curry houses and domestic kitchens in Liverpool to teach safe cooking with woks, tanoors and haradas -the hot-oil pans used by Chinese, Yemeni and Somalian communities.
Yet, from traditional carbon steel to nonstick coated, flat or round bottomed, with or without handles, large or small, the variety of available woks can be quite confusing to the consumer.
Consumers are urged to stop using the woks and return them to the store where they purchased them.