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pan with a convex bottom

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Pour in two more tablespoons of the oil to the wok and add the beef.
Sprinkle in the sesame seeds, return the turkey and the noodles to the wok and then stir in the satay sauce.
Managing director Mike Lewis said: "We are happy to be providing Wok & Go with a comprehensive range of services at competitive prices.
In addition to its a la carte menu, Wok & Co will be hosting promotions including a three-course lunchtime meal priced from AED 69, and an Asian cuisine-themed Friday brunch starting from AED 99.
Wok On Fire(R) is a concept restaurant offering casual Pan Asian | Indo Chinese Cuisine which is Pure Vegetarian in nature and yet offers an authentic taste.
The event marks the launch of a three-week long Thai food focus at Wok Mee Noodle House.
CHINESE RESTAURANT FOOD Calories Total Sat Fiber (1 order, unless otherwise specified) Fat Fat (g) (g) APPETIZERS AND SOUPS Manchu Wok Seafood Rangoon 300 21 7 1 Manchu Wok Vegetable Egg Roll 150 6 1 1 Panda Express Cream Cheese 190 8 5 2 Rangoon (3 pc) Panda Express Hot & Sour Soup 90 3.
To satisfy the nation's growing appetite for this quick and healthy meal option, Uncle Ben's has launched Uncle Ben's Wok Rice, an innovative new range of straight-to-wok rice which can be used to create tasty meals all in one pan and in just a few easy steps.
Uncle Ben's has introduced a new wok rice range and revamped its Indian cooking sauces to boost its appeal to families.
The traditional-type wok was designed for the Chinese open brazier-stove.
Heat remaining 2 tablespoons reserved oil in wok until hot.
Golden West Specialty Foods has introduced Wok Mei, a new brand of three superior all-natural Chinese sauces: Wok Mei Oyster Flavored Sauce, Wok Mei Plum Sauce, and Wok Mei Hoisin Sauce.
The new pieces -- a wok set, an 18-inch paella pan and a double boiler with insert -- are being shown at the company's booth at the Gourmet Products Show.
While chefs in ancient China no doubt invented and mastered wok cuisine many centuries ago, Findus was the first to develop and perfect value added frozen variations on the Asian theme in Europe.
One of China's gifts to the world of cuisine is a bowlshaped cooking pan called a wok (sometimes spelled wock).