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in an unfortunate or deplorable manner

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7%, this announcement from the Treasury is woefully inadequate and will mean the living standards
It seems to me that they are woefully under-resourced.
CDATA[ Israel is woefully unprepared for a natural disaster at home, such as a major earthquake, says retired State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss.
Many children are also woefully and dangerously ignorant:
Education about lesbian health issues is woefully inadequate or missing entirely from most obstetric and gynecologic residency programs, according to a survey conducted by researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.
Whatever her biases, La Farge does make it clear that our nuclear education is woefully inadequate.
She said: "It made me realise that mums were woefully unprotected in situtation like this.
For all her flame-throwing, caustic denunciations and grenade lobbing, Dickerson does almost nothing to realize her essential thesis--the assertion that "black" is somehow a woefully inadequate way of describing African-Americans.
And AT even claims you can use it with your PlayStation 2 but woefully neglects to say whether it'll work with your Xbox or 'Q' GameCube too.
Otherwise woefully underrated, this once-thriving northern industrial town forming part of the conurbation between Lille and the Belgian frontier is probably best known for high levels of unemployment.
Moreover, she adds, "science to support prevention, correction, and the setting of standards is woefully underdeveloped and unsupported.
Because of NAFTA's structural problems, even a great amount of reform will be woefully inadequate.
But Monsanto's cleanup plan proved woefully inadequate: By 1989, according to a report last year in the Los Angeles Times, the cancer, birth-defect, and illness rates in the neighborhood were abnormally high.
Businesses are woefully unprepared for the pandemic-and other disasters--according to an in-depth study of a broad cross section of global businesses by ChainLink Research, a leading supply chain research firm.
Sadly, despite all the money that has been spent, standards are still woefully low in too many schools.