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Synonyms for woebegone

Synonyms for woebegone

suffering from usually prolonged anguish

Synonyms for woebegone

worn and broken down by hard use

affected by or full of grief or woe


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All this can be conceived, from the ludic perspective, as the reality of Charles Bovary, and is no less legitimate than the woebegone failure we are acquainted with.
She appeared frail and woebegone at Sir Denis's funeral in 2003, and afterwards she appeared less and less frequently in the House of Lords.
In time, the woebegone carpenter attracted two staunch champions: Samuel Leibowitz, one of the sharpest attorneys in America, who had acquired a national reputation with his historic defense of the Scottsboro boys; and Herman Matson, a thirty-seven-year-old father of six, WPA laborer, and leader in the local Workers Defense League.
This may sound like a rough way to go through life, but you won't find a woebegone attitude in Nile.
In a war that appeared headed to no successful conclusion, the president of the United States, a visitor reported, "looks miserably shattered and woebegone.
But does the federal government have a compelling interest in giving some woebegone hellhole like Flint, Michigan a leg up over some other city?
Garnett spent 12 seasons in Minnesota, nearly single-handedly turning the woebegone franchise into a perennial playoff team that made a run to the Western Conference finals in 2004.
It's an opportunity to show, as Egypt's women did, unity is more piercing than bullets; that sweet choruses disarm shield-wielding men and melt the hearts of the woebegone.
Just like the citizens of Lake Woebegone, all credit unions are above average and all banks are not.
It is in a horse named Tub, a woebegone and bow-backed animal, that Eli begins to find some small measure of comfort.
All they're asking for, these two woebegone placekickers for the Ducks, is another chance.
The heartbreaking consequences of the extensive use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium in the bombing of fallujah city in Iraq seven years ago are still evident till this very day in the city's deformed newborn babies, the leaked photos of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib reeks with the gore and terror that took place behind its walls and the sweeping attacks of unmanned fighter jets have --so far- claimed the lives of innocent civilians by the hundreds in Afghanistan and Pakistan where entire villages have virtually become burial grounds to its inhabitants; and while it's been almost three years since that woebegone George W.
But their ambitious agenda not having been fulfilled they have a woebegone look about them these days.
And, leaving McClellan just as it was becoming a power for woebegone El Dorado was a professional boost that also allowed his wife to enter school administration as a building principal.
I realised my folly when my husband appeared in the bedroom doorway doing a very good job of arranging his Scottish features into a sympathetic configuration for the sake of his heavily pregnant, woebegone wife.