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Synonyms for woe

Synonyms for woe

a state of prolonged anguish and privation

a cause of suffering or harm

Synonyms for woe

misery resulting from affliction

intense mournfulness

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The students in the first group were given an AN WOE; the second group received an ACN WOE, the third group received an ANCT WOE; and the fourth group received an ACNW WOE.
For its own future health, probably the best course of action the defense establishment can take is to address directly the source of the woes by seeing to the termination of the folly in Iraq.
For instance, the other day I was composing an e-mail with the words "John Edwards' message," and later, I looked up possessives in Woe is I to discover (or shall I say, rediscover) that "If the word is singular, always add 's, regardless of its ending.
However, Crack, Brutal Grief is a much different film from A Man Whose Life Was Full of Woe.
Sad, the river receives corpses by night Sad and the two shores are afraid, darkness and woe (lines 93-94)
The proposed transaction consists of a senior loan for of up to US$20 million earmarked at financing SMEs, in particular WOE.
2 Referring to Diagram II-A, sew together 1 each white, aqua animals print, and taupe 2 1/2" * WOE strips to make strip set.
To reduce unnecessary cognitive load imposed on novices, Kalyuga (2006a) and Kalyuga and Sweller (2005) used a typical WOE as an instructional intervention.
THIS weekend offers Brummies a unique opportunity to put aside our woes and join in a truly special celebration.
Baggies love you more than you will know, woe, woe, woe
But retail giant Marks & Spencer was the biggest faller as its week of woe continued.
The great commentator Rashi has a wonderful way of expressing the contamination which we all experience from bad influences in our lives: "Woe to the wicked, woe to his neighbour.
Hard was thy Fate, which, while it doom'd to woe, Denied thee wisdom to support the blow; And robb'd of all its energy thy mind, Ere yet it cast thee on thy fellow-Kind, Abject of thought, the victim of distress, To wander in the world's wide wilderness.
IT WAS another day of woe for Lewis Hamilton as hopes of a podium in a competitive McLaren were wrecked at the first corner.