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a blue dyestuff obtained from the woad plant

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any of several herbs of the genus Isatis

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Aiding the woad growers in their opposition to logwood was the lack of colorfastness in logwood dyed fabrics.
Woad, the blue dye plant, has benefited from grants to research scientists, and is close to success in offering modernised growing and processing procedures that will make a blue ink for bubble jet printers.
They point out that woad production can provide farmers with a new source of income at a time when returns from traditional sources are plunging.
7) Woad from Toulouse, or else from the other main centres of production in Picardy or Thuringia, was one of many commodities traded in by Gilbert Maghfeld, Chaucer's creditor.
Cloth hangings are coloured with vegetable dyes such as madder, woad and weld.
The Castros became identified in Burgos with the importation into Spain of English woolen cloth; the Bernuys made fortunes from the blue dyestuff, woad, which they purchased in Toulouse and sold in Spain, and indeed they served as the revivers of the Toulouse woad industry in the absence of local entrepreneurs; the Quintanaduenas family exported Spanish wool to a developing market in Rouen and then shipped Rouen's woolen and linen cloth, as well as miscellaneous other products, to many locations, including Spain and the New World.
Seeds from dyer's woad secrete a toxin that inhibits the growth of other vegetation.
Sara explained the background to the project: "In medieval times, when the house was built, Coventry was a centre for the weaving trade and the city was best known for its fine woad dyed blue cloth, 'Coventry Blue.
Here's gentian violet, the woad of the ancient Britons.
Cloth stained with woad came out a pale blue, roughly the colour of a Coventry City footballer's shirt.
In medieval times most the city's wealth was based on the trade in blue pastel dye extracted from local woad plants.
HAPPY: With wife Jane WOAD WAGE: Jonathan Ross in his pounds 30,000 Morgan car