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Synonyms for wizen

to make or become no longer fresh or shapely because of loss of moisture

Synonyms for wizen

lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness

References in classic literature ?
By dint of angling with great dexterity and patience, under the direction of both her parents, my handsome sister Annabella had succeeded in catching an eligible husband, in the shape of a wizen, miserly, mahogany-colored man, turned fifty, who had made a fortune in the West Indies.
The recently filmed successful attacks of the beetles on toads and frogs brought new insights on the amphibian-insect interactions, and documented the uncommon phenomenon of invertebrates preying on vertebrate animals," said Gil Wizen, the senior author of the research from Tel-Aviv University.
Then, wizen you casually pass the old BF and his raccoon-eyed chickster, act indifferent.
The NetGlue platform is a culmination of years of core technology development," said Ramin Firoozye, CEO and founder of Wizen Software.
Quote of the day ``There is a saying that when you are old you either widen or wizen.