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The opening male solo and trio show Barton's quirky dynamics and offbeat wittiness.
wittiness, linguistic competence) manifest in the consumers' identity management skills which are leveraged in social interactions.
This is an Aristotle who speaks very carefully, chooses his wording with the precision appropriate to the specific topic and the levels of the diverse audience he addresses, engages in the most careful qualifications, frequently shows his wittiness through wordplay, and compels those who are serious about this investigation in a continual backward and forward referencing within the work itself.
Other revisions--such as changes in assigning dialogical replies to certain characters (which reveal both shifts in personal allegiances and a perceptive use of Ciceronian verisimilitude), the gradual rejection of the stilted Boccaccian framework and the narrator's presence in it, a reduced presence of military and courtroom metaphors, an increased courtliness and wittiness among the interlocutors, and the removal of too ostentatious erudition and of the use of Latin and other languages--result in a more natural and effectively polyphonic dialogue.
Signs of Scouse blood may have been showing up in the family for sometime - occasional incidences of out-ofcharacter wittiness in Cousin Neil; that time in the 60s that everyone's too polite to mention, when Uncle Norman quit his accountancy degree to join a band; Bryony's habit of being friendly to shop assistants.
Important Aristotelian virtue are : Courage, Self-control, Generosity, Magnificence, High-mindedness, Gentleness, Friendliness, Truthfulness, Wittiness, and Modesty
Eventually, this homage to chick-driven revenge films kicks into gear and almost makes all the jabbering worth it -- though there are moments despite some wittiness where you want to scream, "SHUT UP ALREADY
both the pleasures and anger, generosity, truthfulness, wittiness,
Dent's college editorials range from his measured pronouncements as a serious undergraduate political science major and history minor in the role of journalist to the playful wittiness that became a telling feature in his later writings.
Me Funny: A Far-Reaching Exploration of the Humour, Wittiness and Repartee Dominant among the First Nations People of North America, as Witnessed, Experienced and Created Directly by Themselves, and with the Inclusion of Outside but Reputable Sources Necessarily Familiar with the Indigenous Sense of Humour as Seen from an Objective Perspective Drew Hayden Taylor, compiler and editor Douglas and McIntyre 191 pages, softcover ISBN 1553651375
The wittiness of Wang Shen, Yongcheng considers, makes him the likely artist of the painting.
This is how, to twist Mark Twain's own words into a prophetic albeit totally coincidental line: "H[uck] still lives; or rather, they live" (Clemens 1977: 286)--the successive generations of Americans discovering, requisitioning, and indefatigably reinventing him anew, in terms of most immediate response trying to emulate (if only as vicarious fantasy) the bravado, the jauntiness, the rough-and-tumble, the defiance, the boisterousness, the abandon, the hardiness, the wittiness, the freedom, the licentiousness, the fun, the laziness, the delinquency.
It is not certain if the appeal of these tapes lies in the fact that they are often very entertaining--depending on the wittiness of the singers, or whether they fulfill the craving need of the diasporic Hmong for a musical tradition that is seen as truly Hmong, not something mixed and borrowed from other cultures.
Van Der Horst summed up with relief, "The warning in Ephesians 5:4 need not be read as a denouncement of humour and wittiness in the church.