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Synonyms for witness

bear witness: confirm


bear witness: give evidence


Synonyms for witness

someone who sees something occur

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

one who testifies, especially in court

a formal declaration of truth or fact given under oath

to give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for witness

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Prosecutors had sought permission to protect the identities of at least two witnesses to the racially motivated attack at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic that left 21-year-old Ahmad Burwell in a coma and not expected to recover.
These jurors want to hear what the witnesses have to say.
Due to lack of time, statements of other witnesses could not be recorded.
Although witnesses always retain the ability to assert the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, witnesses called before a grand jury cannot refuse to testify on the grounds that their participation would be irrelevant or burdensome -- or that the anticipated questions would be improper or embarrassing.
The working paper which is prepared by Consultant on Home Affairs, Sharfuddin Memon mainly focused on a programme designed to protect the witnesses of crimes from bodily harm as a way of encouraging people to come forward to testify on what they know about the crime, said a statement issued here on Sunday.
With the information sharing within the plaintiffs' bar, further facilitated by the internet, plaintiffs' lawyers will often probe witnesses on subjects that have arisen in litigation with other companies in the industry or other litigation involving the particular client.
I contend that the processes of criminal investigation and trial worked to privilege the stories, knowledge, and judgment of the witnesses and defendants in the assize court, and thus effectively facilitated the transfer of a popular system of retributive justice into the verdict of the court.
It did not matter that these witnesses would have to take an oath on the Bible and to speak the truth on the issues raised in "formulating a doubt" on the marriage 35 years earlier.
The location and complexity of the crime scene, number of witnesses, and other factors can affect workforce requirements.
For more than 14 years, I've represented CPAs who were witnesses and targets of IRS criminal investigations, and I've retained CPAs as expert witnesses and forensic accountants.
We were all witnesses to the September 11, 2001 attacks and it is still not clear how each of us has been changed.
The units, at Chester, Crewe and Warrington, are part of a national pounds 36m ``No Witness No Justice'' project and aim to cut the number of trials which collapse because of victims and witnesses becoming too scared to give evidence.
and prosecution witnesses tend to be people like gang members, not exactly sterling witnesses.
Increasingly, forensic accountants are being called as expert witnesses to help sort out the labyrinthine financial aspects of litigation involving complex issues and large sums of money.