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Synonyms for withholding

the act of deducting from an employee's salary

income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer

the act of holding back or keeping within your possession or control

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You know what the withholding of this message you carry may mean," Mr.
Under these serious circumstances, I would recommend Lady Glyde to assign as a reason for withholding her signature, that she wishes the deed to be first submitted to myself, as her family solicitor (in the absence of my partner, Mr.
After putting his horse at Coketown through the storm, as if it were a leap, he waited up all night: from time to time ringing his bell with the greatest fury, charging the porter who kept watch with delinquency in withholding letters or messages that could not fail to have been entrusted to him, and demanding restitution on the spot.
Eugene,' resumed Mortimer, disregarding the light interruption, and laying a hand upon Eugene's shoulder, as he, Mortimer, stood before him seated on his bed, 'you are withholding something from me.
All this past summer, you have been withholding something from me.
This means that the withholding credit stays with the related income.
If the IRS allows a refund or credit for an amount that a withholding agent has not deposited, it may have difficulty recovering that amount because the taxpayer and sometimes the withholding agent may be outside the United States.
the transferee) is treated as a withholding agent and generally required to withhold a tax equal to 10% of the amount realized by the foreign seller upon disposition of the USRP interest, provided the amount realized is greater than zero (Regs.
Strzelecki says the IRS will likely issue new withholding tables in November effective January 1, 2011, based on the 2001 tax rates that are scheduled to go into effect at the start of the year.
Such providers, for all calendar years after 2007, must file copies of the W-2S with the department on or before March 31 of the year following the year of the withholding.
Non-Resident Alien Withholding: We raised with the IRS concerns that they were going to commence audits of non-financial institutions related to documentation (Form W8 series), withholding, and reporting (Form 1042S) compliance related to items such as vendor payments and royalties without involving the community.
And, "adding a 3 percent withholding requirement will only exacerbate the cash flow issues already experienced by small entities seeking to do business with the government.
The Internal Revenue Service and Treasury have made available the new lower tax withholding tables.
The tax treatment for foreign investors becomes somewhat more complicated when we look at tax withholding, a frequently misunderstood but extremely important area.
The results include some startling individual views; for example, Helen Keller supported Haiselden's stance, though she stated that only mental, rather than physical, incapacity should be grounds for withholding treatment.