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Antonyms for withholder

a person who refrains from granting

a person who restrains or checks or holds back

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Al-Anwar daily said that investigators had divided the suspects into four categories - planner, executor, interferer and information withholder - depending on their role in the plot.
The Borg Queen symbolizes the contradictions that need resolution in order to reassert the cultural legitimacy of the male warrior, leader, and withholder of logos.
The contractors shall pay to the Government and fulfill its tax liabilities and other financial obligations, including its obligations as tax withholder.
He would have the capacity for and the method of identifying in the present the confirmation of Portuguese past historical narratives, and to be the withholder of a knowledge which the Portuguese would have forgotten.
So when it comes to right thinking about human rights he would see responsibility falling equally on every claimant and rights holder and withholder and responder.
For in emerging as the often ruthless master of spectacles, Ligurio also emerges as the princi ple disseminator and withholder of knowledge generated by those spectacles.