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  • verb

Synonyms for withhold

Synonyms for withhold

to hold oneself back

to have and maintain in one's possession

to be unwilling to grant

Synonyms for withhold

retain and refrain from disbursing


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If the application is still pending with the IRS on the date of sale, the transferee must withhold the correct amount of tax, but the amount withheld does not have to be reported and paid immediately.
The current code section requires every employer to deduct and withhold tax on compensation paid in Illinois.
The payor of investment income to a foreign investor is required to withhold U.
If utilization is conservative, the withhold is distributed to the provider and total revenue and profit increases.
The couple can avoid this by asking his or her employer to withhold enough extra tax ($5.
Fort Frances retailer reconsiders threat to withhold provincial tax
Burford, however, was as true a believer as Ronald Reagan could find--a fact that determined the great irony of her fall--and she continued to withhold the documents despite the threat of prosecution.
If, on the other hand, the withholding agent erroneously decides to withhold, it could be in violation of an agreement with the payee or possibly damage a valuable relationship.
The final regulations also adopt a $10,000 withholding threshold for any single payment and provide a transition rule under which interest and penalties will not apply for a failure to withhold on payments made before Jan.
1, payers who are required to withhold and remit backup withholding to the IRS are also required to withhold and remit to the FTB.
Generally, the law requires employers to withhold income for child support payments when ordered by the court.
A party that fails to withhold when required may become liable for the amount of the withholding, as well as penalties and interest under Regs.
sources must withhold tax--generally 30%--and remit it to the IRS.
withholding agents generally do not need to withhold on ECI payments, except where a U.