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  • verb

Synonyms for withhold

Synonyms for withhold

to hold oneself back

to have and maintain in one's possession

to be unwilling to grant

Synonyms for withhold

retain and refrain from disbursing


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Taking a few minutes can help taxpayers ensure they dont have too little or too much withheld from their paycheck.
FIRPTA requires the purchaser to report and pay the withheld tax to the US Treasury by the 20th day after the date of transfer.
A withholding agent who does not withhold when required can be liable for the tax that should have been withheld (IRC section 1461).
The association said finality or adjustability of withheld tax cannot be determined by the withholding agents and they should not be burdened with the additional responsibility.
If you or your client is a pass-through entity, such as an S corp, partnership or limited liability company classified as a partnership, and the pass-through entity withheld money and paid to us by another entity, then it can claim a portion (not to exceed the total tax and fee due) of the withholding credit on the line of its tax return and pass-through the remaining credit to its pass-through owners.
The current practice of allowing refunds or credits based on the amount reported as withheld on Form 1042-S, Foreign Persons U.
If that is the case, for the foreign seller to obtain credit for the withheld amount, the foreign seller must attach to its U.
470 billion liras of income tax were withheld between January and March.
Also, notwithstanding the above, in case that a valid permit from the Israeli Tax Authority regarding the distribution and/or a valid permit according to the withholding regulations regarding tax withholding is presented by any of the company's shareholders, tax will be withheld from the capital distribution amount paid to such shareholder in accordance with such permit.
This section mandates that employers who withheld $12,000 or more during the look-back period for the calendar year must make semi-weekly payments of the amounts withheld during each remaining quarter of that calendar year and for the succeeding calendar year.
In effect, they will be required to keep track of every payment--and the withheld amount--made by the government to them.
Amounts withheld by a Canadian payer under Regulation 105 do not constitute the final Canadian income tax liability of the service provider in respect of its income earned from carrying on a business in Canada.
In 1915, a physician's public announcement that he had withheld lifesaving treatment from a seriously malformed newborn prompted an outburst of press coverage and commentary from individuals across the American spectrum of political and social beliefs.
Ensure that all nurses concerned are aware that the medication is to be withheld.
When the apparent leader of the group, Theodore Olson, who until 1984 was assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel, wrote to the president on October 25, 1982 advising that the documents be withheld, his final remark was, "The Administrator [of EPA] concurs in this recommendation.