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Synonyms for withe

band or rope made of twisted twigs or stems

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strong flexible twig


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Achilles had once taken both of them prisoners in the glades of Ida, and had bound them with fresh withes as they were shepherding, but he had taken a ransom for them; now, however, Agamemnon son of Atreus smote Isus in the chest above the nipple with his spear, while he struck Antiphus hard by the ear and threw him from his chariot.
The Gothic church plainly originated in a rude adaptation of the forest trees, with all their boughs, to a festal or solemn arcade; as the bands about the cleft pillars still indicate the green withes that tied them.
com @matkendrick VILLA legend Peter Withe has told the story of his famous wristbands - and how they prevented a hostile crowd from rioting
The family's house is under water HE son of Villa legend Peter Withe has been trapped in the terrifying carnage of Texas storm Harvey.
One number 9 whose name is often overlooked, but who performed with great effectiveness in black and white, is Peter Withe.
It added that the guest house contained four Kalashnikov rifles and machine guns, two pistols RBK withe silencers and (5) detonators and explosive materials.
ASTON Villa European Cup-winning striker Peter Withe won the final day's Celeb Am title at the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.
In the build-up, even our own pundits said we would get torn apart by the English forwards, Peter Withe and Trevor Francis.
Byline: is' withe the Susan Lee Telling it like it is
ASTON VILLA legend Peter Withe admitted he wants to manage the club - on the very day that fans planned to protest against current boss Alex McLeish.
At the centre of that success was the superb and potent double act of Peter Withe and Gary Shaw who led a fearsome attack.
Andrew Hodson and Geoff Withe, owners of Entire Facility Management Services Ltd, were the match day sponsors of the recent Tranmere Rovers v Carlisle Game.
A number of companies display their products in the fair, which creates a commercial platform withe the aim of further improving cooperation between Turkey and the regional countries.
The business needs a new vision and a leader withe the energy to make it happen
FORMER Newcastle and Aston Villa striker Peter Withe has been sacked as coach of Indonesia's national team.