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an authority who withdraws permission

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an individualist who withdraws from social interaction

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a drug addict who is discontinuing the use of narcotics

a contestant who withdraws from competition

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a student who withdraws from the educational institution in which he or she was enrolled

a depositor who withdraws funds previously deposited

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A withdrawer may not unreasonably cause harm by lowering the water table or lessening artesian pressure, (61) exceed a reasonable share of the annual supply, or cause harm to someone with rights to affected surface water.
This kind of deposit contract has been called a "partial suspension" contract because the payoff to a withdrawer at the early date is suspended in favor of a lower payoff for any subsequent early-date withdrawers.
Example 2: different kinds of bank accounts where the operation to withdraw money defines a common sequence of actions like check withdrawer identity, check amount, and take off amount.
In the afternoon each withdrawer received one 50 dollar note.
The bank offers each withdrawer at time 1 a return of r for each unit deposited at time 0.
This inequality implies that if every agent goes to the bank early, then the bank would run out of resources before being able to pay the promised amount a to each withdrawer.