withdrawal symptom

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any physical or psychological disturbance (as sweating or depression) experienced by a drug addict when deprived of the drug

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The classical model states that consumption of certain chemicals causes a physical dependence, either immediately or after prolonged use, characterized by withdrawal symptoms - symptoms that can be avoided or escaped only by further drug use.
CHICAGO -- Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can last longer and pose more risks for elderly patients, who often experience more prolonged and severe symptoms and need higher doses of detox medications than younger patients.
Another sign that fear of withdrawal symptoms is not the essence of addiction is the fact that heroin users commonly drift in and out of their habits, going through periods of abstinence and returning to the drug long after any physical discomfort has faded away.
In presentation, the researchers show the new lung delivery technology results in rapid absorption of nicotine that provides immediate relief of withdrawal symptoms and also re-creates some of the familiar sensations that are pleasurable to smokers.
OxyContin is a narcotic, and I am 'addicted' to it, in the sense that if I don't take it I'd get nasty withdrawal symptoms," he writes on WorkingForChange.
The patch delivers a near-constant level of nicotine into the body to help smokers cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms, like headaches and irritability.
When smokers stop, their bodies miss the regular flow of nicotine and they'll experience withdrawal symptoms - anxiety, depression, nervousness and irritability.
Rats in all four groups were then given naloxone, a medicine for heroin overdose that produces immediate withdrawal symptoms.
STOPPING alcohol intake can cause withdrawal symptoms as your body needs time to readjust.
Cardinal signs include an inability to control cigarette use, distress at not being able to quit, and harsh withdrawal symptoms in the absence of nicotine use.
During the night the prisoner began to experience heroin withdrawal symptoms and told officers on duty that he was becoming depressed and wanted to kill himself.
Prescription sales of both the nation's four nicotine patches and Nicorette have stagnated in recent years as the withdrawal symptoms held smokers' success in quitting to about 20 percent.