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Synonyms for withdrawal

Synonyms for withdrawal

the act of leaving

the moving back of a military force in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat

a formal statement of disavowal

Synonyms for withdrawal

a retraction of a previously held position

the act of taking out money or other capital

avoiding emotional involvement


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the act of withdrawing blood, tumors, etc.

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the act of ceasing to participate in an activity

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a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation

formal separation from an alliance or federation

the termination of drug taking

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Systematic withdrawals can be simply defined as drawing a predetermined rate or dollar amount from an investment portfolio each year to generate retirement income.
According to founder George Catlin, a supplement like Withdrawal Ease is often the only option for people struggling with painkiller addiction.
The deferred withdrawal facility will allow subscribers to remain invested in the NPS and defer the lump-sum withdrawal for ten more years.
Although staple joints are common in the construction of upholstered furniture frames in plywood, little information is available about the additive effects of staples on the ultimate withdrawal strength of multi-staple joints constructed of this material.
He likened protracted withdrawal syndrome to the TV show "The X-Files": people know it's out there, but it is not in the books.
Barak added that there were other reasons for Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon.
launched LifeGuard Freedom, which establishes an annual 7% benefit increase each year in the first 10 years with no withdrawals and a subsequent lifetime withdrawal stream of up to 7% a year.
Withdrawal limits: The $100,000 limit on penalty-free withdrawals means individuals cannot withdraw more than a combined total of $100,000 from all of their retirement plans.
Withdrawal symptoms vary according to the drug that has been overused.
But some Democrats have stepped up, like Lynn Woolsey, Democrat of California, who introduced a withdrawal bill in May.
Adolescents who had used a condom only or withdrawal at last sex were significantly less likely than those who had used a hormonal method to report parental knowledge (0.
For such withdrawals, individuals may withdraw only their own deferred income, not any earnings generated by investing the income, and they must pay ordinary income taxes on the withdrawal [IRC Sec.
Consider as a first scenario a present member of medium economic size, say Holland, contemplating withdrawal from monetary union.
Also, find a bank or credit union that doesn't charge a withdrawal fee.