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Synonyms for with-it

being or in accordance with the current fashion

Synonyms for with-it

in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style

having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment

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The last volume in the Time series, this book begins with Emma's dismay that her mother has re-entered her life--as a with-it 20-something.
Instead of an almost universal dumbing down, a retreat into "a lifestyle option" mentality with technicians-cum-cheerleaders in clerical collars (or smart power suits), instead of trying to fight in armour designed for us by the winsome and with-it witnessing crowd, we should borrow from our own church history (remember church history?
But since the fall of the "Waspocracy" new outlets for snobbery have developed in areas such as food and wine, fashion, high-achieving children, schools, politics, health, being with-it, name-dropping, and lots more.
The unique, black leather-like finish will provide even the most disorganized back-to-schooler with an element of with-it sophistication.
From the heyday of the superstars--the Fonteyns, Nureyevs, and Grahams--when dance was regarded as chic, with-it, and superlatively relevant, we are now seen as old hat, without-it, and fundamentally irrelevant.
At HE2002, two-channel stereo occupied the main spotlight, with particular emphasis on pop and rock from few decades back and a lot of talk calculated to appeal to aging, nostalgic baby boomers who might want to recapture the with-it feelings of their youth.
We'll wait until the baby's a little bit older and more with-it - then I can have a little bridesmaid.
Those TV commercials might give you the idea that everyone who is with-it is accessing their e-mail on one of these new-fangled, state-of-the-art cellphones.
com is more for the serious punter, but it's easy to use and good for betting with-it has all the cards and early prices.
But by far the biggest selling points are the clients, who via their eclat and with-it status are the ideal advertisements for these businesses.
Our readers are sophisticated, very together and with-it.
If someone compared them to the anti-rock hysterics of the past, they stressed their moderation: They were with-it women who loved the rock'n'roll of their youth and would never dream of advocating censorship.
I need to be a with-it CEO, and when I talk to my people I find that it's going to take the guidance and movement of the executive to force them to become "with-it" as well, because they've gotten very ingrained in their habits, too.
I think grown-ups have gotten a little bit more with-it in terms of knowing that you're just going to kind of cheat.