with child

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in an advanced stage of pregnancy

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Kitty, young and pretty as she is, even Kitty has lost her looks; and I when I'm with child become hideous, I know it.
That I'm wasting my life, never having a moment's peace, either with child, or nursing a child, forever irritable, peevish, wretched myself and worrying others, repulsive to my husband, while the children are growing up unhappy, badly educated, and penniless.
Regardless of the initial reactions of the abused child, the impact lasts long after the abuse or neglect ends which makes the need for an integrated, comprehensive approach to dealing with child abuse and neglect in schools more urgent (Baginsky, 2003).
In their study of 58 divorced parents, Wright and Price (1986) found support for their hypothesis that a greater degree of attachment and a good relationship between former spouses were predictive of higher rates of fathers' compliance with child support orders.
Officer Bergin has assisted several city agencies with child transport issues and has loaned or donated child seats to many others, including hospitals and social service agencies.