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fine leather from the skin of a calf


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young of various large placental mammals e

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Similarly, Ocak and Cankaya (2013) also affirmed that lambs can be successfully raised with calf milk replacer even with better survival rate (91.
Within this area, female-calf pairs favor the Au'Au Channel between the Islands of Maui and Lanai, however to date, even though calf behavior varies significantly with calf age, there are no details available on how patterns of habitat use in female-calf pairs may vary as the calves' mature.
ON J THE MOOVE Ryan with calf "Tubridy" in Co Waterford
If you've ever been involved with calf raising on a dairy farm you'll know how much time and effort must be invested in keeping them alive and healthy.
Cow or Heifer in calf or with calf at foot 1 W M Seels, 2 K Jackson.