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being or having the character of witchcraft

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Insofar as he combines reproductive capacity (via his regurgitative abilities) with his identity as a wild pig, he is witchlike and as such provides an image of insatiable, all consuming desire to possess through consumption.
An ambience of fantasy is created from the outset by the great blue cedar and domain of Boringe, the witchlike midwife who predicts the future of the motherless twins she brings into the world, and the enigmatic, ageless, and aptly named servant Perpetua.
Such improbable developments, Lessing's narrator suggests, may be a result of Julie Vairon's strange, witchlike powers: From beyond the grave, she has infected everyone with the madness of love.
And what about Dot as Miss October - naked, with a cigarette, the smoke covering her bits in witchlike fashion.
Kitty Menendez was variously referred to during the defense case as Jose Menendez's "enforcer," a "vampire," and a witchlike creature who had supernatural powers.
The very people who naturally might be suspected because of their own prior grievances or sinful sentiments toward the afflicted will deny any witchlike sentiments in themselves and often dramaturgically proclaim their own righteous indignation, moral solidarity with the afflicted, and willingness to help avenge the death.
Throughout this toweringly tedious tripe, circus-of-cruelty ringmaster Gok cackled with witchlike laughter and called everyone "my darling".
Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet has been described as a stereotypical demonic woman filled with evil and even witchlike qualities.