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North American grass with slender brushy panicles

European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes

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Bind weed and witchgrass propagate through underground rhizomes and will come up through most mulch materials.
Importance values revealed that the five most important species at burrows were honey mesquite, bufflegrass, Lehmann lovegrass, granjeno, and fall witchgrass (Digitaria cognata), while at random sites the five most important species were Lehmann lovegrass, honey mesquite, hairy grama, threeawn (Aristida), and hogplum (Table 3).
Especially important is to kill off all perennial weeds--particularly the persistent meadow grass called witchgrass or quackgrass that fills sod with a snarl of tough, white underground jointed stems.
Collect a pile of witchgrass (also called quackgrass) stems and wash well to remove all soil.
Only two grasses were present in these clearings (small crabgrass, Digitaria ischaemum, and spreading witchgrass, Panicum dichotomiflorum) and both were subdominants.
I also had time in my 3,000 square foot garden to attack witchgrass, that wonderful plant that propagates through underground stems called rhizomes.
There is only one weed that I am on the lookout for: witchgrass.