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Meanwhile, though, that argument won't do anything for the 1 million meth users who have access to thousands of pounds of this drug made from a witches' brew of household chemicals and nonprescription drugs at this very moment.
Sir Alan says, WHAT you have described is what some might call a witches' brew.
Its clash between Islamic fundamentalism and leftover Soviet totalitarian dictators, plus its special witches' brew of tribal feuds and a Caspian Sea oil rush made it as fascinating as it was scary.
Sihafi will never have a better opportunity to take his campaign's score into double figures after the withdrawal of eight runners from the Witches' Brew Handicap left him with only three rivals, but concern over the ground meant the meeting was abandoned before he could capitalise on the chance.
Roberta is convinced that only her witches' brew of chicken cartilage keeps her from her mother's fate--confinement to a wheelchair at age 40 because of rheumatoid arthritis.
A witches' brew of muddy water roiled through cities and towns, causing widespread heartbreak and destruction.
The feasting focuses on a giant pumpkin filled with a witches' brew of chicken and barley soup.
WASHINGTON -- Criminals, cuddlers, con-men and cannings, 2010 offered a witches' brew of political scandals proving many politicians are limited by their creativity, not their morals, when finding new lows.
SERVE your witches' brew in this acrylic skull goblet from www.
and its forces, we should be clear that al-Qaida (AQ) now wants more than just a safe-haven in Pakistan, and defeating a growing witches' brew of AQ, Taliban, local extremists and criminals will be a long 10-15 year fight.
PUPILS at a Tyneside school had a spooky science lesson, complete with slime and witches' brew.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Fifteen best-selling and acclaimed fantasy authors conjure up a witches' brew of magical new short stories for teens in Magic in the Mirrorstone, an anthology to be published by Mirrorstone(TM) in February 2008.
Hovering on the fringes of this witches' brew we have Forward Wales (who?
The authors conclude that while greed and the consulting/auditing split were partly to blame, the real culprit was the industry-wide cultural system, in which conflicts of interest and pressures to please clients have escalated into a veritable witches' brew.