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lotion consisting of an astringent alcoholic solution containing an extract from the witch hazel plant


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For an autumn flowering variety choose Hamamelis virginiana which is also known as the common witch hazel.
Did The flowers of the witch hazel are distinctive with their narrow strap-like petals.
As reported on the Kingston University website, "the researchers added three different concentrations of white tea (freeze-dried powder), witch hazel (dried herb) and rose extract (in a medicinal tincture form) to see what effect the mixtures might have on suppressing rogue enzymes and oxidants, which play a key role in cellular inflammation and aging.
Witch hazels are among the elite of garden shrubs and are notoriously tricky to propagate and grow.
The face scrub, shave cream, aftershave balm and aftershave contain flaxseed lignan extract to prevent razor burn, witch hazel to tighten pores, and oat protein and organic aloe vera to soothe and hydrate.
Use witch hazel on soft tissue or cloth to wipe the area affected by tears and swelling if traditional wiping is uncomfortable.
There are flowers to be found from early April till the end of November, the last hold-out being the Witch Hazel with its wrinkled, yellow flowers.
Schwartz describes how Goodyear tried to keep rubber items from "turning into a gooey mush" when they got hot by mixing it with materials including salt, pepper, chicken soup, witch hazel, cream cheese, ink, and nitric and sulfuric acid.
FRESHEN UP in the bathroom with a moist towelette or apply hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel to the "strong" areas.
Witch hazel leaf (Hamamelis virginiana): This astringent herb has been approved both for inflammation and for hemorrhoids.
Three of the newcomers--an improved version of Clean-Away Cleanser, together with Zingy Fresh Toner and Clear Complexion Moisturiser--contain natural witch hazel, together with vitamin E, aloe vera and camomile.
Common witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is a large shrub of amorphous growth habit that produces highly fragrant yellow flowers in the fall.
Pick up the Dorling Kindersley book Medicine, and you'll learn that witch hazel has nothing to do with Halloween.
Lots of plants use the exploding dispersal technique, from ferns to witch hazel to trees like the cannonball.