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someone who is believed to heal through magical powers

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London, Dec 1 (ANI): The Nobel prize-winner VS Naipaul was recently offered a chance by an African witch doctor to put a curse on his biographers, who described the novelist in an unflattering way.
But African witch doctors are fizzing that other drug firms are stealing their ideas.
A bomoh - as witch doctors are known in Kuala Lumpur - has been drafted in by the Saujana Golf club to keep the rain away.
The pop icon originally handed over a list of 25 enemies to a Mali witch doctor, according to Orth.
The witch doctor killed the cows and assured an onlooker that the curse's targets would die within a week.
First you join forces with Aku Aku, the village witch doctor.
Now, after a miracle trip to a South American witch doctor, Robert's new bride Emma is pregnant.
The movie's comic characters include a jolly Puerto Rican witch doctor with a suitcase full of charms, a gay astrologer given to flashes of second sight and a scheming blond performance artist who fixes her competitors with an evil eye streaked with green lightning.
It's as if there is a witch doctor sitting out in Africa sticking pins in effigies of our best players," said Castaignede.
The Ten'' is about a David Koresh-like cult leader who enlists a witch doctor to unleash the biblical 10 plagues of Egypt on the 10 largest cities in America.
Classic Creep Capers features voices from the TV show and classic baddies, such as the Black Knight and the Witch Doctor.
Thiruvananthapuram: Police in Kerala have arrested a self-styled witch doctor on charges of causing the death of a woman from Kollam district following "treatment" he administered to her.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the forthcoming World Cup because of an aACAyincurable injury' caused by an influential Ghanaian witch doctor.
London, June 05 ( ANI ): A Ghanaian witch doctor has reportedly claimed responsibility for Cristiano Ronaldo's knee injury that is threatening the striker's participation at the World Cup with his national team, Portugal.
I would have got better treatment from a witch doctor in the African jungle.