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a small tuft or lock

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a small person

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a small bundle of straw or hay

a flock of snipe

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From the point the shore curved away, more and more to the south and west, until at last it disclosed a cove within the cove, a little land-locked harbour, the water level as a pond, broken only by tiny ripples where vagrant breaths and wisps of the storm hurtled down from over the frowning wall of rock that backed the beach a hundred feet inshore.
And to the surprise of Firkin, clasping her dressing-gown around her, the wisp of hair floating dishevelled behind her, the little curl-papers still sticking in bunches round her forehead, Briggs sailed down to Mrs.
His little bald head quivered, imparting a comical vibration to the wisp of white goatee.
The horses were almost famished; for the herbage was covered by the deep snow, so that they had nothing to subsist upon but scanty wisps of the dry bunch grass which peered above the surface, and the small branches and twigs of frozen willows and wormwood.
His parchment skin, showing dead white on his cranium through the thin wisps of dirty brown hair, seemed to be glued directly and tightly upon his big bones, Without being in any way deformed, he was the nearest approach which I have ever seen or could imagine to what is commonly understood by the word "monster.
It was so far a description of himself that he had the feet of an Elephant: but the rest of him was skin and bone: and the wisps of loose straw, that bristled all about him, suggested that he had been originally stuffed with it, and that nearly all the stuffing had come out.
The soldiers, on seeing him, lit wisps of straw and ran after him, shouting, "Vive l'Empereur
Wisps of straw stuck out from the monarch's coat and also from his neck and boot-tops.
She was wearing a plain tailor made suit and a becoming little hat, from underneath which little wisps of golden hair had somehow detached themselves in a fascinating disorder.
Across Sonoma Mountain wisps of sea fog are stealing.
When a WISP is unable to secure conventional bank financing, Mesh's funding partners' bridge that gap offering specialized funding and equipment for upgrades and expansions.
Even as OTEL Telecoms' core service focus is infrastructure, its costs amounts to a large OPEX sum for WISPs.
Utilise the powers of the Pink Wisp to transform Sonic into a Pink Spike so he can move around in all directions easily on a wall.
Completed in 2007, The Ellipse in Swansea was the first WISP development, fronting Fabian Way, the main eastern approach to the city.
WISP, established 13 years ago by dance artist and tutor Cher Mather of Treuddyn, near Mold, caters for youngsters aged 14 and 25 with physical or learning disabilities.