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Synonyms for wishful

having or expressing desire for something


desiring or striving for recognition or advancement

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It hurts to lose, when you put so much into the season like this," Jackson said, noting wishfully, "I'd really like to be able to play that game over again.
By now, these tables should be full,'' he said, wishfully.
But as Frances FitzGerald demonstrates in her new book, Way Out There in the Blue: Reagan and Star Wars and the End of the Cold War, the historical record does not even remotely support this wishfully ignorant thesis.
In the theories formulated from capital's standpoint in the past, remedies to the missing cohesive dimension were on the whole wishfully conceptualized.
If Israel Chalfen's groundbreaking biography of the young Celan (1991) documented the poet's rootedness in the now lost German-Jewish cultural world of his native Bukovina, Felstiner's study once and for all shows the errancy of those interpretations that wishfully seek an ecumenical message in Celan's Shoahborn poems; and he fully discredits any effort - of which there have been more than a few - that divorces them from the collective Jewish fate during the Holocaust.
In sum, during the 1820s Cooper wishfully imagined an America where he securely belonged to an honoured, ruling class - defying the actual instability of fortune and authority in the new republic.
That is, he wishfully projected his own delusion of artistic grandeur--epitomized in his use of color--onto their staging of themselves.
And McCovey, asked how he'd like to be remembered, has been known to reply wishfully, ``I'd like to be remembered as the guy who hit the ball six inches over Bobby Richardson's head.
This allowed the great Hungarian philosopher to wishfully ignore the fatal domination of labor that had become built into the Soviet system whose apologist he had become.
And he wishfully confuses instrumental empathy (the self-serving ability to read people's emotions) with true empathy (identification with the feelings of another): For most of us, he says, awareness of others' feelings enables us to respond appropriately; but for ghetto youth, torturers, people like Michael Eisner, "a perverse emotional skill - intimidating other people - has survival value.
Today, in an age wishfully dubbed "an era of late capitalism," but which in reality is an era of capitalism in triumphalist apogee, we have come to realize more than ever that both colonialism and modernity share certain programmatic characteristics that render the prefix "post" analogously ironic, not to say paradoxical, when affixed to them.
But the NCAA Tournament is safe haven for such audacity, practically daring teams to dream so wishfully.
The common denominator seemed to be the voluntaristic superimposition of materially unfounded but nonetheless wishfully declared values--whether called "spiritual values" or by some other name--on the given sociohistorical reality whose painfully evident contradictions the projected values were supposed to resolve through the persuasive power of their self-evident rightness, as decreed by "the new thinking.
Nor is there even the slightest whiff of democracy about the new setup, as Secretary of State James Baker and the old anti-Soviet activists in this country wishfully think.
Hopefully we get out there and jump on them,'' he said wishfully before tipoff.