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a circuit of wires for the distribution of electricity

the work of installing the wires for an electrical system or device

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Unlike the wiring in a home, this primary-distribution system has four wires, three of them hot.
In 1987, when the Kapton controversy finally surfaced in news reports, army and air force spokesmen initially denied that the wiring was even a matter of concern.
The same company that installs your HDTV system probably can also offer a structured wiring system for select rooms of your home, or for your whole house.
Two Category 5e structured wiring ports -- one for telephone and one for data -- are teamed with two RG-6 coaxial cable ports for two-way video signals and are available at two different locations in virtually every room.
There are two primary rules governing the proper attachment of aluminum wires: The connecting terminals must be rated for aluminum wiring, and the wire ends should be treated with a special compound to prevent corrosion.
area, is the developer of the FlatWire Ready(TM) innovative, patented wiring and interconnection technologies.
The company's innovative in-building technology enables organizations to convert their existing telephone wiring into a dynamic high speed Internet access solution that is easy to install, easy to use, and cost effective.
3ab standard for Gigabit Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) will improve the ability of copper wire to maintain its stranglehold on the horizontal wiring segment of the premises network.
0 software for automation of the design of the extensive wiring found in most electromechanical products.
announced today it has opened new sales offices in Chicago, Dallas and Northern California to market its EMbassy(TM) software used by engineers to automate the design of wiring in electromechanical systems.
This technology effectively extends Dallas Semiconductor's 1-Wire(TM) (iButton) technology to "no-wire", enabling applications involving communications while in motion, and installations where wiring is costly or impractical.
In no uncertain terms, the MoneyGram money-wiring service is alive and well, and is a competitive force in the electronic money- wiring industry.