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wormlike larva of various elaterid beetles

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Wireworm is also a serious pest, especially in wet summers as tubers can become riddled with narrow tunnels made by the 3cm (1in) orange shiny larvae.
Without protection from products like Poncho, these crops would become more vulnerable to wireworm.
If you suspect you have wireworm, lift your susceptible crops early to minimise damage.
The wireworm is also yellow, never longer than an inch, and with fewer legs moving a lot slower than a centipede, eating the roots of many plants, particularly potatoes but also fleshy seeds like peas and runner beans.
Visible wireworm damage takes the form of 4mm diameter holes created by the worms as they enter the bale.
It is used against a large number of pests, such as wireworm and leatherjackets, and is also used by prescription to treat head lice and mites (scabies) in humans.
Tiny tunnels can be caused by wireworm and regular forking at this time of the year brings the pest to the surface for the birds to eat.
Aztec is a leading soil insecticide that is registered in the United States and Mexico where it is used to combat rootworm, cutworm, wireworm, seedcorn maggots & beetles and white grub in a variety of corn crops.
Up to 10% of seedlings in plots were killed by the wireworm Melanotus communis (Gyllenhall) (coleoptera: Elateridae).
In corn, today's sees treatments help fend off secondary insect pests such as wireworm, seed corn maggot and white grub.
There, ARS scientists Rich Novy and Jonathan Whitworth, along with Juan Manuel Alvarez (University of Idaho), identified several potato breeding clones with resistances to aphids, Colorado potato beetle, and wireworm.
The British Ecological Society has welcomed a Swansea University study which has identified naturally occurring alternatives to the harsh pesticides used to control pests like the troublesome wireworm.
Take your pick from slugs, snails, carrot fly, blackfly, greenfly, white fly, cushion scale, leather jackets, wireworm, vine weevil, lily beetle, aphids, capsid bugs, caterpillars, harlequin ladybirds and New Zealand flatworms.
The wireworm can live in the soil for up to five years before metamorphosising into the adult Click Beetle.