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mesh netting made of wires

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Spennymoor businessman Eddie Hutchinson, of wirework manufacturer Bekaert Handling, has been appointed chairman.
Two hours was body work, and then the next three or four hours was all the other stuff, like the harness stuff and the gymnastics and the Parkour training, wirework and all that.
Making Wire & Bead Jewelry: Artful Wirework Techniques" is a design and crafting guide from Janice Berkebile & Tracy Stanley as they advise readers on how to get into the details of making these jewelries with many unique patterns.
95) packs in a year's worth of beaded jewelry projects tested by the magazine's top editors, and offers popular stitches, wirework and chain mail techniques, crochet, and a Basics section for required knots and wireworking skills.
In a white garden choose a decorative wirework pavilion with a light covering of vines or climbing roses - it will turn even a shady grot-spot into a stylish sanctuary.
The application of these machines ranges from shell structure, wall structure, reinforced concrete road, retaining wall, protection slope, grating trench cover, floor grating, grill floor, metal floor, ribbed and pressed metal mesh, forge-welded grating, concrete reinforcement, construction fence, concrete forming system, reinforcement fabric, concrete meshes, prefabricated steel reinforcing material and fabricated stainless steel wirework, all of these construction works are able to be finished by GSA series BRC wire mesh welding machine.
The linear forms of the woodblock prints lent themselves perfectly to the technique of cloisonne enamel, in which the gold wirework outlined the contours of the motifs and contained the vibrant coloured enamels that decorated Falize's extraordinarily sophisticated creations (Fig.
uk Extremely pretty but sturdy with twisted wirework detail it can carry up to six individual bottles or glasses and costs pounds 41.
You have the wirework, the acrobatics involved, the harness you have to wear and you know all of that stuff is very physically demanding.
She also has a table and two folding chairs in Ornate Wirework, pounds 225, with an extra pair of chairs, pounds 75
The action is influenced by the wirework of Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon among others but differentiates itself through extensive use of slapstick and cartoon violence.
The fully-fashioned sweater and fine tailoring in fashion, the intricacies of gemology and fine wirework in jewellery, and so on.
Gustavian dining table, pounds 1,195, Rose dining chairs, pounds 430 each and chair seat covers, pounds 49 each, all Nordic Style; half-round wirework console table, pounds 895, Marston & Langinger; candelabra, pounds 114, Earthtones; cream watering can, pounds 22.
Borough council chiefs have ordered the wirework feature, which will be planted up in the same way as floral statues of novelist George Eliot and a Bedworth miner have been in recent years.