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a canal for a current of water


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Users can search for enclosures through a variety of methods: selecting from the Product Index, specifying all or portion of the catalog number, UPC code or Bulletin Number, or by indicating attributes of the desired enclosure or wireway.
Other features of the site include recommendation of appropriate pendant arm mounting systems for an enclosure, and a wireway selection process.
Eaton offers a broad range of data center enclosures, airflow management solutions and B-Line series support systems, seismic bracing solutions, electrical enclosures and wireways designed to save time and deliver a lower total installed cost.
html for various applications such as electrical, electronic, telecommunications, computing, military, cleanroom, control panel, environmental test chambers, consoles, magnetic shielding, tool boxes, wireways, radomes, protection of switches & controls, machine operator interface, industrial PCs, modular applications, instrumentation, storage and other uses.
Fixtures installed in wet or damp locations shall be identified for the purpose and shall be so constructed or installed that water cannot enter or accumulate in wireways, lampholders, or other electrical parts"