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And that was the way Dorothy heard that the Historian wanted to speak with her, and there was a Shaggy Man in the Land of Oz who knew how to telegraph a wireless reply.
Go and ask Kai Shang if there is not a wireless," replied Gust.
So Momulla went to Kai Shang and asked him if there was such an apparatus as a wireless by means of which ships could talk with each other at great distances, and Kai Shang told him that there was.
The failure of the wireless did not appear as momentous to me as to him, which is not unnatural, since it is but human to feel that when our own little cog slips, the entire universe must necessarily be put out of gear.
I had little time to dwell upon the coincidence of the simultaneous failure of the wireless and the buoyancy generators, since very shortly after the Coldwater had dropped so low over the waters that all my attention was necessarily centered upon the delicate business of settling upon the waves without breaking my ship's back.
In this he was ably assisted by George Brown, an operator employed by the Wood's System of Wireless Telegraphy.
A striking, and unfish-like feature was the apparatus for wireless telegraphy that dangled from the forward cabin--that is to say, under the chin of the fish.
There's little question that wireless is changing educational directions, both at Lemon Grove and in a growing number of districts across the country.
Indeed, as a variety of new wireless communication applications become available across North America, technology officials at academic institutions are exploring all sorts of innovative ways to incorporate them into the telecommunications landscape.
Ads for wireless gadgets suggest that a new anytime, anywhere Internet is available in the here and now.
is deploying Strix Access/One[R] Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Systems (IWS and OWS) to provide strategic, facilities-wide wireless access throughout eight plants in Guangzhou, China.
Efforts in Florida in 2006 featured the addition of more than 90 new wireless transmission sites, as well as the launch of the BroadbandAccess(sm) high-speed wireless network in numerous new markets in the state.
MobileAccess Networks, an enterprise wireless innovator, announced today the installation of its Universal Wireless Network at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, and at University of Phoenix Stadium, the new home of the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.
Since the early 1980's, the wireless industry has been anticipating the rapid growth of wireless data applications.