wire-haired terrier

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a terrier with wiry hair

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THE owner of a tiny wire-haired terrier abandoned in a North Wales animal centre car park was last night urged to contact the RSPCA.
There was no mistletoe in sight Sunday, and Zoe was a 4-month-old Welsh Corgi and wire-haired terrier mix.
As Frankie throws open the front door, the couple's three dogs - a boxer called Georgie, Doberman Prada and wire-haired terrier Geraldine - bound into the kitchen ahead of him.
And, providing the, er, underdog, there's that cute little wire-haired terrier belonging to Eugene Levy, a mild-mannered, fashion-challenged menswear salesman with quite literally two left feet (in Hush Puppies, naturally) who can't seem to meet a man with whom wife Catherine O'Hara hasn't had a fling.
As well as seeking the help of a spiritualist medium to find the 14-year-old wire-haired terrier cross, they have also launched a 'Find Gabby' Facebook page.
On occasions she would bring her little wire-haired terrier dog to school as she was a strong animal supporter of the RSPCA and once a month would sell us a magazine called 'Animal Ways'.