wipe away

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remove by wiping

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EMOTIONAL MP Stephen Pound and onlooker wipe away tears
Not only do they remove shadows and bags under your eyes but can be used to wipe away lines and bring light to dark areas of your face in an instant.
Many go repeatedly - it is believed to cleanse the soul and wipe away sin.
But be careful: Some are complicated because they were designed for experts, and a too-quick click of a button may wipe away more than your target data files.
For she notes that 'factories or tax-free assembly zones in the poorest countries of Central and South America and Asia emulate the worst conditions to be found in Victorian mills', and she compares the treatment of European industrial sites with the way in which in South Yorkshire, almost every trace of former activity has been erased, 'as if to wipe away memories of mining and the bitter disputes that hastened its end'.
The Restoration was, after all, self-defined as no new thing under the sun, but an attempt to wipe away the years of Interregnum, to enact "Oblivion.
We know that God will wipe away all tears, and that mourning and pain will be no more.
LEEDS will look to make a new start today after new chairman Professor John McKenzie continued to wipe away the last vestiges of the Peter Ridsdale regime.
Polish buildup and the dirt embedded in it muddy the finish but will wipe away.
But what is also obscured then revealed in the act of erasing is Simmons's own double consciousness: As the agent of these actions he embodies a positive sense of difference as well as the forces of assimilation that wipe away distinctions.
In contrast to the widespread conviction that the passing years wipe away most recollections of concepts and facts learned in school, a new study has uncovered robust memories among former students for material learned in a college course after as long as 11 years.
We are able to reach a broader audience of potential customers faster and more cost-effectively, and ISVs can wipe away significant development hours that would've been dedicated to integrate with us, as well as making disparate payment applications communicate, and focus more on sales and deployment efforts.
He told staff members that he is proud of the work they did, then paused to wipe away his tears.
The tears in my eyes will wipe away but the ache in my heart will always stay.