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small branching blueberry common in marshy areas of the eastern United States having greenish or yellowish unpalatable berries reputedly eaten by deer

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Winter-Green, a native New Zealander who lives in the U.
Winter-Green, who holds a doctorate in pastoral psychology and three master's degrees in theology, human development, and social work, pointed to other areas where the commission has had success.
One of the quintessential goals that was decided when we first came together was the critical need for education," said Winter-Green.
Winter-Green said the commission's theology and spirituality work group is now working on a liturgy of healing that can be used around the world.
but victims and survivors mostly want to be heard and believed," Winter-Green continued.
While Winter-Green pointed to some of the commission's successes, she also reinforced some of the criticisms Collins had made in her March 1 statement about working with Vatican officials and the lack of resources and staffing made available to the group.
Winter-Green said part of the difficulty in making the commission effective has been learning to deal with the slow and sometimes inefficient work processes employed at the Vatican.
The Vatican doesn't work at any great speed of light," said Winter-Green.
One has to be aware of that and learn to work within that system," Winter-Green added.
8) The Whitetail Institute's Imperial Pure Attraction is an annual fall forage blend of Whitetail Institute Brand Forage Oats, Winter-Greens Brassica blend, and Winter Peas.