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Synonyms for winsome

Synonyms for winsome

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charming in a childlike or naive way

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BEST GIG 2 Jonny @ The Globe, Cardiff (Tuesday) [bar] TAKE a slice of Wales' most winsome folk bands and add a sprinkling of Scotland's premier indie-rockers, then place in the pop oven and bake until golden brown.
Lois Wilkinson becomes a winsome amateur detective, Sharon Hughes plays the comedy card amusingly as Mrs Puttock, and Tracey Hart is the much-put-upon stage manager.
This is a very serious offence, but because you have no previous convictions, I am going to be lenient," Judge Winsome Henry said.
The exciteometer hovers at 11 on the raw-throated clamour of Princess, while Night Flight To Uranus delivers edgy uproar and The Most Beautiful Girl is a winsome ballad for electro-holies.
Performing will be Huddersfield hip hop group the Practical Headz, Zion Inna Vision, Earth Rocker Sound System and London female vocalist Winsome.
At the center of the good stuff is a winsome and leggy Kate Levering playing Ivy Smith, the reigning subway beauty Miss Turnstiles and the object of sailor Gabey's (David Elder) Holy Grail-like quest.
Still, with a traumatic death scene, some winsome puppies and an emotional graveside declaration, it all added up to an excellent conclusion to this quietly-watchable comedy-drama.
YES she looks lovely in the video, but her winsome smile can't ever be enough of an apology for this horror.
Chief executive Winsome Hutchinson said: 'Even if the business is no longer trading, we want to hear from them.
Bornstein's aesthetic has always been restrained, as in her uncanny photographic and filmic self-portraits with basketball-playing preteen boys, but in rigorously deliberating each element she was able to construct and explore winsome complexities (about gender, street fashion, age) while using Becher-school documentary to create destabilizing fictions.
Sharon Wehner took the role in Denver on opening night, winsome for the most part, but not yet ready to throw herself into the psyche of a girl out to get a man.
Seven of the 11 runners have won off considerably higher marks in their time, ranging from Winsome George, who is 19lb lower than when victorious at Redcar in May last year, to top-weight Mister Benjamin, who is 6lb better in than for his success at Ascot last summer.
WINSOME Turner - who has just reached the venerable age of 100 years - was named after a member of the local aristocracy at Skelton.
Singing in remarkably good Czech, Betty and O'Connor complemented each other vocally, and the duets were winsome, if hardly masterpieces.
Written by up and coming writer Winsome Pinnock, you'll probably think twice about getting the Tube home after watching this.