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Synonyms for winner

Synonyms for winner

one that wins a contest or competition


one that conquers

Synonyms for winner

the contestant who wins the contest

a gambler who wins a bet

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Winner of ASFAN (Niger) v Al Merrikh (Sudan) against the winner of CR Belouizdad (Algaria) v Djoliba (Mali).
Volleyball: Olympic beach volleyball gold-medalist Kerri Walsh (San Jose Mitty) was the initial winner in 1995-96.
Parker Ramsay (center) winner of the MTNA Junior Student Composition Competition, received his award from Morty and Iris Manus, sponsors of the award.
McCarron, a Derby winner with Alysheba and Go for Gin, retired in 2002.
Jameson Best International Film winner - Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Adam Dyet for winning best trick--kickflip back Smith--and getting more money than the Am jam winner
The Pacific Fleet honorees include winner Constellation (CV 64) and runner-up Carl Vinson (CVN 70).
Four top golfers are asked to play a round in which a single winner can earn $400,000 and three losers nothing at all (like the TV Skins Game).
Cook are authors of The Winner Take-All Society: How More and More Americans Compete for Fewer and Bigger Prizes, Encouraging Economic Waste, Income Inequality, and an Impoverished Cultural Life (1995, The Free Press).
Scholarships of $10,000 each went to fourth-place winner Soojin Ryu of the Bronx H.
2 -- 6) At top, Evan Luo, who placed second in the Bach competition; above left, Heidi Hatch, a winner in the Gail Newby Concerto Competition; above left, Madison Alan-Lee, a Bach competition winner; at right, winning pianist Maria Wietrzymska; and at far right, pianist and contest winner Elton Chan.
Daniel Tacke, right, winner of the MTNA Student Composition Competition, high school level, is shown with Robert Dingley, vice president/educational products, Warner Bros.
com) has announced the winners of its 27th annual Consumers' Choice in Chains study.
5 Calendula - Three blooms: 1st Winner Shahzman Shams, 2nd Winner Nabeela Al Awadhi, 3rd Winner Hanadi Fathi