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Synonyms for wink

in the wink of an eye


wink at something


Synonyms for wink

to open and close the eyes rapidly

to shine with intermittent gleams

wink at: to pretend not to see

a brief closing of the eyes

Synonyms for wink

a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

closing one eye quickly as a signal

signal by winking

gleam or glow intermittently

force to go away by blinking

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Meanwhile, researchers have pointed to other troubling spots in the area, including land more than half a mile from Wink Sink No.
We care for communication: The friendly and helpful Wink team will rapidly provide you with the necessary information and advice, to make order processing as easy as possible.
They include the Wink HUB, a translator that enables different products to work together and communicate with the Wink app, and Wink Relay, a touchscreen control panel that brings the Wink app to your wall.
Together, Kindara and Wink allow women to gain self-awareness, put the power of data in their hands, and feel calm and confident about their fertility.
Back in January, when the program launched, Wink admits it was "a little tricky the first month.
Wink said: "The best DJ experience is being able to create an audio atmosphere where an audience can absorb from me, while I get absorbed from them.
These varied papers and contributions show in very personal terms how Wink has influenced the contributors.
Kim and Pete returned every single day to feed and play with Wink who, by that point, had taken to sleeping under a trailer boat parked there.
Just as a wink is an affectionate means of communication between close friends, LG Wink Series was designed primarily for young mobile users who enjoy expressing themselves in unique and stylish ways whether by phone or one of today's most popular social networking tools.
LG T320 Wink 3G cell phone will be available in a collection of vibrant colors so that it is exactly matches up with the unique lifestyles of youngsters.
Pacific Poker owner 888 said the deal would involve paying Wink owners Daub a base price of pounds 11m plus a sum based on earnings in the year to March 2011, with the total capped at pounds 59.
So Hillary Clinton could honestly assert this week that no wink is documented in any agreement signed by the US and Israel.
This anthology pays tribute to Walter Wink and his pioneering trilogy on the Powers (Fortress Press, 1984-92), deepening a modern conversation on what the biblical language of the "Principalities and Powers" may mean for today.
Not once does Wink proclaim himself a hero or try to paint himself as a bigger-than-fife military aviator.
All five of his children play tiddlywinks, and of them, Max, the middle child, appears to have the most potential to join his father in the top echelons of the wink world.