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a shoe having a wing-tip toecap

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a decorative toecap having a point extending toward the throat of the shoe

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Hanging out there on the wingtip, it will surely be a conversation piece on ramps, plus it shows the competition that this can be done.
Brightness has increased two-fold for better visibility on landings, automotive-style wingtip halo lighting automatically operates within 200' of the surface and on the ground making an iconic and bold statement, and pulsing "wig-wag" functionality above 200' maximizes visibility to others.
I stay away from the thick wingtip and heavy eyeshadow when going to family occasions, especially the ones where I'm meeting people for the first time.
The heavier and slower the airplane, the greater will be the AoA required and the more intense will be its wingtip vortices.
As with the -300ER and 777F, the -200LR is equipped with wingtip extensions of 12.
The changes were likely made to reduce wingtip flying between the two partners.
In following with Bell's work, we included 5 colorimetric characters in our hybrid index: back (mantle plus scapulars) and wingtip melanism, and orbital ring, beak, and iris color (Table 1).
Ceremonial Flight Wingtip to wingtip, tiled arrow of arrows, they shriek as one beast rearing at the sun, then fan out to possess the sky and slice it into segments, which they would haul to earth using each puffed white contrail as a towrope and serve up steaming to the airshow crowd-- would if they could, these six young warrior pilots invited upward as dust on the air or milk drops threading through a glass of water, refracting stealthy rays that will engulf them in a harsh light that cannot be contained in any one cockpit or hemisphere.
Michael Teal, 737 MAX chief project engineer, said the design combines the raked wingtip feature of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 with a "dual feather" concept winglet consisting of an upper and a lower piece.
A spokeswoman for the Intrepid aircraft-carrier museum said the shuttle's wingtip sustained slight cosmetic damage during the trip when wind caused it to hit a wood pylon.
API's Blended Winglets are an addition to the aircraft wing tip which is designed to efficiently add effective wingspan, reduce the drag caused by wingtip vortices to increase fuel efficiency and boost range.
The combined effect of these cunning little wingtip devices and the improved efficiency engines is to reduce fuel consumption by 15%.
It looked like I had about two feet of clearance between my left and his right wingtip, still closer than I wanted to be.
By altering the airflow as it Leaves the wingtip, the extensions reduce wingtip vortices and induced drag.
Some 340 metres long and 228 metres wide, with a ceiling height of 120 metres, it is roomy enough to hold more than a dozen new Boeing 747s, parked wingtip to wingtip.