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linear distance between the extremities of an airfoil


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Wingspan believes that the combination of a) six-plus prior years of strong and stable cash flows and b) no material debt maturities until 2022 is expected to provide significant runway for aggressive debt reduction and continued enhancement of equity value.
But it's nothing when compared to a male Marabou's wingspan of 3.
Wingspan noted this was its second large acquisition this year.
A more recent clinical trial, however, revealed conflicting data, leading Public Citizen members to contend the Wingspan system is unsafe.
NACA 4412 wingspan is a normal one, which can be used to design the aircraft wing and leaves of wind turbines (GUILMINEAU, 1997).
Now, it is believed that 17 feet may be close to the maximum wingspan that can be achieved by a flying bird.
Wingspan also played a critical role in helping make Arizona the first state to defeat a "protect marriage" amendment last November.
Capable of low-light operation and with a wingspan of just 18 centimeters, the drone can sustain flight for approximately 60 minutes.
The program will test two remotely-controlled X-48B aircraft, each with three jet engines and a wingspan of 21 feet.
It is smaller than your little finger and its wingspan is just 8 centimeters (3 inches).
The Wingspan Stent System is designed to treat atherosclerotic lesions or accumulated plaque in brain arteries and is the only device available in the U.
The text lists straightforward information on when and where each species can be found, how to distinguish it from similar species, its wingspan, and much more.
While the original took just under 18 months to build, stands at 20 metres tall, has a wingspan of 54 metres and is made from 200 tonnes of steel, the mini angel has been built to a 1:20 scale by Rob Larsen-Pass.
While the original stands 20 metres tall with a wingspan of 54 metres, the replica is a mere one-metre high with a two-metre wingspan.