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having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind


very fast

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The Adams is probably the best-known example, but a wide variety of patterns can be winged in this style, and many tiers now substitute feather tips on flies that traditionally called for the more fragile quill wings.
The project involved an injection molded PVC winged inserter used in a new catheter product.
Pink Sheets: BPXS) a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of safety medical needles, today announced that it has begun fulfilling customer orders for its PUNCTUR-GUARD(R) Safety Winged Set for Blood Collection.
Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") to market a new version of its PUNCTUR-GUARD(R) Winged Set for Blood Collection safety needle.
New analyses of a fossil ignored for decades in a British museum suggest that winged insects may have emerged as early as 400 million years ago, tens of millions of years before scientists expected.