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a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning

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While liberals consider Buckley to be a wing-nut, he's far from the real deal.
The Tap Hook is simply placed over the outdoor tap and its swivel hook is adjusted with an easy-to-turn wing-nut to the most suitable position for your watering can or bucket.
Between the compressor plates is a natural rubber ring, which is expanded by means of a wing-nut on the shaft which, when tightened, doses the two plates and compresses the rubber ring-seal between them to seal the plug tightly inside the pipe or tube.
To be relevant with the working class, Democratic leaders in Washington should put job creation and the livelihoods of working men and women ahead of the ravings of environmental wing-nuts and their deep pocketed billionaire funders.
Sometimes it looks like we've swapped one group of wing-nuts for another.
Of course, some wing-nuts and Paulestinians will have to be dragged on board kicking and screaming.
One is that only wing-nuts of the most dangerous kind believe that society is controlled by a secret and omnipotent individual or group; the other is that conspiracy theory now dominates American political culture.
The new safety clamps, which can be easily identified by their red coated coloured wing-nuts, can only be released when the wing nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diameter of the gate bolt to swing and pass through the sectioned gate.
On Yahoo, however, the culture is more free-wheeling, includes a lot of adolescents and wing-nuts, is a lot more like the culture at-large and therefore tends to be more frivolous.
But as England teed up a glorious chance to go 2-1 up in the Ashes today, it was the Aussies who had the cabbage-patch attack - and they could live to regret loosening Strauss's wing-nuts.
LYING prostrate in the bathroom, with my head wedged between the u-bend and the floor and my hands wrestling the wing-nuts which secure the lavatory seat to the porcelain bowl, I became aware that my struggles were being observed by my wife.
He attends functions of the right-wing legal group the Federalist Society, as well as the libertarian Cato Institute, and he serves on the advisory board of the University of Texas' Texas Review of Law and Politics with some serious wing-nuts, including Clint Bolick, Edwin Meese, Robert Bork, Phyllis Schlafly, Georgia Rep.
Rowntree has ears like wing-nuts and a face which looks as if the midwife slapped the wrong end too hard when he was born.