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a press that is used to extract the juice from grapes

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Also of cultural importance in the ARD community is the use of broom and piorno (Genista hystrix Lange) as fuel for heating the winepress and for heating stills, a popular way used to obtain home-made aguardiente (similar to Italian grappa).
No longer are we presented with the tissue of biblical quotation and paraphrase seen in early poems such as "Barnfloor and Winepress," "The Half-way House," or "New Readings" (all 1864-1865).
His original process made use of a modified winepress that he had a carpenter adapt into a printing press.
Also uncovered in the excavations was a winepress, a ritual bath, homes and large public and private buildings.
Blake additionally speaks of the "dens & shades of death" in Milton (27/ 29:33-39, E 125), while those in the Winepress "dance around the dying," an act that denotes the "sports of love & .
the great winepress of love; those who emerged from it were .
We felt our way along some alleys of the town, still and empty with doors fast-locked that kept the people in but seemed to squeeze their fear like a winepress to flood the streets with something sour, a people grieving for those in prison, deformed or dead, and full of fear what may be tomorrow.
Patristic exegetes, both Greek and Syriac, used the vineyard and the winepress as symbols of the church, and the winepress was interpreted with reference to both the passion and the ascension of Christ.
In anticipation of a long and fruitful life together, he even went ahead and carved out the winepress.
Extending the theme of Austrians building simple forms in the landscape, this house in Styria, reworks a traditional winepress and store.
Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa is England's AA Hotel of the Year, with 111 elegantly designed bedrooms and suites plus a WinePress restaurant.
Sweet Cheeks Winery of Eugene received the following awards in the WinePress Northwest 2007 Platinum Judging: a platinum medal for the 2006 Estate Riesling, a double gold medal for the 2006 Estate Pinot Gris, and a gold medal for the 2006 Dry Riesling.
Charlesworth, in his conclusion, summarizes some findings of archaeology: (1) a vineyard, winepress, walls, Mary's well, and towers have been found in or near Nazareth; (2) the locations of Cana and Bethsaida may have finally been discovered; (3) findings at Sepphoris shed light on culture and rabbis; (3) many synagogues have been located; (4) Caesarea Maritima and Sebaste in Samaria are being excavated; (5) light is being shed on Jerusalem, the temple, Pilate, Caiaphas, Simon of Cyrene, and the practice of crucifixion.