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a press that is used to extract the juice from grapes

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The association of the winepress with the passion and ascension of Christ is especially prevalent in patristic exegesis of Isaiah 63:1-3.
Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa is England's AA Hotel of the Year, with 111 elegantly designed bedrooms and suites plus a WinePress restaurant.
Sweet Cheeks Winery of Eugene received the following awards in the WinePress Northwest 2007 Platinum Judging: a platinum medal for the 2006 Estate Riesling, a double gold medal for the 2006 Estate Pinot Gris, and a gold medal for the 2006 Dry Riesling.
Charlesworth, in his conclusion, summarizes some findings of archaeology: (1) a vineyard, winepress, walls, Mary's well, and towers have been found in or near Nazareth; (2) the locations of Cana and Bethsaida may have finally been discovered; (3) findings at Sepphoris shed light on culture and rabbis; (3) many synagogues have been located; (4) Caesarea Maritima and Sebaste in Samaria are being excavated; (5) light is being shed on Jerusalem, the temple, Pilate, Caiaphas, Simon of Cyrene, and the practice of crucifixion.
We / go into the winepress together: you leave it alone.
The ecclesia is the moon which waxes and wanes (Psalm 71:7), the earth irrigated and tilled by God (Psalm 36:3), the silvery wings of a dove upon whose back we are borne up (Psalm 67:14), the winepress where the sweetness of fruit may gradually emerge from its bitter skins (Psalm 8:1).
Revelation 19:15 'And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.
It is Christ, as the Man of Sorrows, his raiment red as of them that tread in the winepress.
Then, seeing that he was still alive, Redureau grabbed a huge chopper that the country folk call a grape bullock, which is used not on vines but rather to separate bunches of grapes that are pulled in the winepress.
hedge around it, digs a pit for a winepress, and rents the land to some
By this "liquor sweet" the benefits obtained by Christ's surrogate sufferings under the winepress of just wrath are transferred -- or transfused -- minus the sufferings themselves.
The sale comes with 20 acres of vineyards, a winery, tasting room, and equipment that includes a state-of-the-art winepress.
Hence, for example, his listing of Ralph Connor's novels Black Rock (1898), The Man from Glengarry (1901), The Major (1917), The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land (1919), and Treading the Winepress (1925), all of which had British and American publishers, suggests they were solely Canadian productions (pp.
The final reaping of the grapes which are trodden in the winepress of the wrath of God recalls Revelation xiv; it is part of the final scenario that leads to the 'new heaven and new earth', and the vision of the heavenly Jerusalem.