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the craft and science of growing grapes and making wine


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Following the meeting at the National Wine Agency under the Georgian Agriculture Ministry, an agreement was reached on the exchange of experience, development of partnerships in viticulture and winemaking and certification of wine and vodka products.
My 2018 winemaking resolution is to further embrace old-style winemaking as well as utilizing today's technology.
Specifically, Merlot underwent malolactic fermentation (MLF), a common technique in red winemaking that uses lactic acid bacteria to influence wine aroma complexity.
Southern Brewing & Winemaking brings in weekly food trucks and musicians, offers monthly classes on home brewing, and hosts events throughout the year in their newly redesigned biergarten.
One of the ways in which professional experience can be enriched, representatives at the meeting said, is through travel and analysis of the technological achievements of the global leaders of winemaking, such as France, Germany, South Africa, Australia, the USA, Chile and New Zealand, which is indispensable in the winemaking profession.
she became a serious winemaking hobbyist after moving to Massachusetts.
In the first, winemaking is introduced as a way of life and tourists enjoy all aspects of wine making as they visit different places.
Trifon Zarezan, the patron of vine growing and wine producing, with representatives of 20 winemaking companies.
Every aspect of the winemaking process takes place at the school, with the students able to gain experience in each step of the process--from working in the vineyard to the marketing and sale of the wine.
Winemaking culture comes to life under this treatment and A GOOD YEAR is thus recommended for both film libraries and any with an interest in winemaking history and French culture--and comedy.
At the initiative of EFFAT (European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism Sectors), the trade unions in the main European winemaking countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal and France) met on 1st and 2nd February 2007 in Paris.
This section discusses grape growing, the importance of the vineyard in winemaking, how table wines, dessert wines, and sparkling wines are produced, and tasting and evaluating wines.
Jake Lewin, director of marketing for CCOF, says there is increasing interest in both organic grapes and organic winemaking.
As Babich Wines celebrates 90 years of winemaking this year, MD Joe Babich is adamant his company will not be moving away from being a family owned and run winery, despite his prediction that there will be further rationalisation of the wine industry as more wineries become the target for overseas liquor companies.