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a taster who evaluates the quality of wines

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This, coupled with their more expensive price tag, means that some wine tasters prefer to use glass stemware because of its durable and inexpensive nature.
color) Assistance League member Mary Robison, left, wine taster John Currado and Models Auxiliary's Carol Powell view the wine for the tasting.
Lucio Sorre vice president and chief wine taster of Banfi Vinters died of cancer.
The Las Vegas team work on the killing of a fine wine taster whose palate has turned sour.
Tony, pictured right, who is a keen wine taster, was asked to do a presentation on South African wines by the Newcastle Wine Tasting Society (NEWTS) about three years ago.
While Jack is out to make the most of his final fling with freedom - in the shapely form of Sandra Oh, a sassy wine taster - Miles is still fighting off the demons of his failed marriage and unresolved feelings for waitress Maya (Virginia Madsen).
OK this is not the most pressing question affecting society, however as a wine taster it's a fruit (I guess, that's what it is) that regularly comes up in dispatches.
Guinness World Records officially confirmed the UK-wide wine taster involved 17,540 people.
The BBC has received several complaints after Anne Robinson asked TV wine taster Olly Smith to feel her breasts on the "celebrity" version of The Weakest Link on Saturday.
Ably assisted by idiot-savant wine taster Ciaran Murtagh, the Reverend will change the way you feel about wine forever.
It all started when a Tesco wine taster became pregnant and noticed a dramatic improvement in her sensory skills as her pregnancy progressed.
Watching my neighbor run the gamut of wine taster affectations makes me forget my own mouthful of 1994 tokai friulano, which by now has raced past my palate like an out-of-control freight train and into my stomach nearly untasted.
To take in the full Vinea experience, we booked in for the Walk In Wine Taster, three generous 100m glasses of different whites, and the same for the reds.
Harold Paul Olmo, professor emeritus, geneticist, UC Davis; Eugene Pio Seghesio, secondgeneration family patriarch, Segesio Family Vineyards; Gene Cuneo, Dry Creek Valley winegrape grower; Cuneo & Saini Farms; Shelagh Davis, professional wine taster and matriarch of Porter Creek Vineyards.