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a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant

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There is also a wonderful wine store with very accommodating wine stewards who can assist you in making the right choice for your meal.
This is accompanied by champagnes, wines, cocktails, liqueurs and brandies hand chosen by wine steward Arthur Azevedo, president of the Brazilian Association of Wine Stewards - Sao Paulo and wine list consultant for TAM's international flights.
They are: the service person, the busperson, the captain, and the wine steward (or sommelier).
We talked to three Worcester-area wine professionals to find out how to get the wine steward on your side, make savvy choices and look like a wine whiz to your dining companions.
Single David's ordeal began last Monday when he popped into the club from his nearby flat in his role as wine steward.
Shoppers at the Cascade store will find an expanded wine and beer department, with hundreds of new labels at all price levels, said David Stanley, full-time wine steward.
Wine steward Gregory Condes has been axed from New York restaurant Gordon Ramsay At London.
The Japanese developed a robot wine steward capable of chemically analyzing and identifying foods; when presented with human flesh, however, the robot thought it was prosciutto.
If you need more information, ask the wine steward (the folks that work in the wine shop), or sommelier for help in this area.
Another way to go is with The Wine Steward Preservo ($109), from Pek Preservation Systems, Windsor, Calif.
Tommy Guerrero served as the wine steward as Meeks and Erin Kilpatrick agitated.
His work inspired by Liverpool includes a print of a wine steward working at the Adelphi Hotel and an atmospheric 1939 drawing of the building of Liverpool Cathedral of Christ the King, which was stopped during World War II.
After a delectably awkward interview for the position of wine steward, Louis--who knows wine like Britney Spears knows opera--is given a one-week trial.